Gilder Ledger
The evolution of blockchain.

The native coin of the Gilder ledger is XGL.

Assets on the Gilder ledger are extremely private, and nearly impossible to steal. The ledger is also convenient, and ideally suited for standard real-world financial functions such as insurance, escrow, auditing, and trusteeship.

Some preliminaries:

  • XGL coins are minted, not mined.
  • XGL coins have unique serial numbers.
  • XGL serial numbers may range from one to sixteen decimal digits.
  • The standard XGL serial number is ten digits.
  • The symbol ₲ refers to units of ten-digit XGLs.
  • Any coin may be broken into 10 smaller coins by adding a digit.

Example: Coins #147, #143238, and #14998065 all have coin #14 as a common ancestor.

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